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Norton antivirus has the feature to secure the computer from different types of web threats and the main applications in this Norton software are anti-spyware, antivirus, firewall, and malware security. Norton antivirus software can be installed from the website Norton antivirus is not meant for only protecting online browsing, it also protects your device from various types of threats which do not increase with the Internet. You can buy Norton setup either from the Norton official website or by going to the retail store.

Steps for Uninstalling Norton Setup

In case you wish to uninstall the older version of  Norton antivirus or antivirus software from your computer, then you can do so by following the uninstall steps given below:

•    Tap on the "Start" menu.

•    Open the "Control Panel" window.

•    Turn on the "Add or Remove Programs" option.

•    By going to the list of recently installed software, search the Norton antivirus software and move to it.

•    Tap on the "Remove" button.

•    Press on the "Remove All for uninstalling the Norton antivirus or other antivirus software from the device.

•    Leave the "Subscription Period Warning" option.

•    Tap on the "Next" button.

•    Go through the instruction provided on the uninstall Norton window.

•    The uninstalling process of Norton setup is started now.

•    You have to start the Windows computer or Mac again so that it creates changes on the system.

•    The Norton antivirus is completely uninstalled from the Windows computer or Mac.

•    You can again download the Norton antivirus by visiting the website

Steps for Downloading Norton Setup

Download the Norton setup after purchasing the product of Norton which you wish to get on your computer. Once you had purchased it, follow the steps given below to begin its downloading process:

•    Log in to the account created on Norton by entering the email address and password.

•    You have to Sign up in case you do not have a Norton account yet and enter the information needed while creating a new account like name, date of birth, email address and strong password.

•    You have to enter the identification key to complete this download procedure of Norton setup which you will get through the registered email address or from the compact disk cover.

•    You can choose many Norton products to get them on the device.

•    You can also transfer the download link to another device in case you do not want Norton antivirus on this device.

•    Allow the Norton setup to complete its download procedure.

Steps for Installing Norton Setup

Here are the steps are given below to start the installation procedure on Windows PC or Mac:

•    Once you had finished the download procedure of Norton setup, and then start its installation procedure.

•    You will get the Norton setup by going to the "downloads" folder.

•    It will start the installation procedure by itself, but in case it will not, then double-click on the Norton setup to begin the installation procedure.

•    Allow the downloaded setup to start its installation procedure.

•    After finishing its installation procedure, read all the legal documents before going to the activation procedure.

•    Click on the "I Agree" button for proceeding to the other step.

•    It will take a few minutes to get installed on the device.

Steps for Activating Norton Setup

Follow the activating steps which are mentioned below to complete Norton product activation:

•    Click on the menu box or visit

•    Find the Norton icon.

•    Click twice on the Norton icon to get activated on the system.

•    Enter the 25-digit alphanumeric activation key you will get the activation key on the online site of Norton or at the bottom of the Norton setup envelope.

•    Click on the "Activate" button.

•    Read the guidelines provided on the Norton activation window.

•    Start the system again where you had activated the Norton product.

•    The Norton activating process is completed on the system. | enter product key -

Downloading, Installing and activating the Norton Setup

Norton has aptly earned the reputation of “King of Antivirus”. Millions of people across the globe rely on Norton products and services. This brand is widely recognized for providing the best of product and services to their esteemed consumers. Products offered by Norton are built with the high-quality security benefits which always result in better protection. It does not matter if your computer or mobile device has been infected with rootkits, Trojans and various kinds of malicious software, Norton Antivirus has the advanced technology to fight against all sorts of computer threats and viruses. To get Norton antivirus, you need to purchase it either offline or online by visiting

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